A List of my Favorite Tools

May 2022

A list of (mostly software) tools that I use more than once a week, and that help speed up my work. I recommend most things on this list to friends so often that I decided to write them up.

Avoiding configuration

I’m averse to tools that require complex setup, like editing endless config files or learning confusing shortcuts. In my experience, if the benefit of some tool is not obvious immediately after I install it, it’s probably a bad tool, and configuring it will be a waste of time.I do use vim and a custom keyboard layout, but looking back I’m not fully certain the time to learn them was worth it. Additionally: Complex configurations tend to result in crashes that are the result of complex interactions between settings and are therefore frustrating to debug and non-googleable.





A List of my Favorite Tools - May 29, 2022 - Simon Boehm